Salmonella in Baby Milk: Lactalis Removes 720 Additional Batches

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Lactalis removes a further 720 baby milk products over Salmonella contamination

HEALTH: The Lactalis group announced Thursday morning the withdrawal of 720 batches of baby milk and other products to the risk of salmonella contamination …

The Lactalis group announced Thursday morning the withdrawal of 720 batches of baby milk and other products with the risk of salmonella contamination. Picot products Milumel and Taranis, potentially contaminated, in addition to 625 baby milk batches already withdrawn the last two weeks.

“The decision was taken to extend the withdrawal / recall to all infant and nutritional products manufactured or packaged in our site Craon (Mayenne) from the 15th February 2017”, said Lactalis in a statement specifying that the operation concerns France and internationally.

Removing relates to “products Picot marks (powders and infant cereal) Milumel (powders and infant cereal) and Taranis (amino acid mixture powder for the treatment of pathologies)” , according Lactalis. “We now know that a dispersed contamination settled in our factory Craon result of current work carried H1 2017” , the company said.

Deposits complaint

The father of a little girl of 3 months has consumed any of the affected milk and French consumer association UFC-Que Choisir said Monday deposits complaint against Lactalis in connection with this case.

So far, 625 batches of baby milk were covered by a withdrawal from the market due to contamination with salmonella. The Ministry of Economy published in recent days the list of baby milks lots of Lactalis group subject to a massive recall, in France and abroad (nearly 7000 tons of products) after contamination with salmonella in France twenty babies.

At least 27 infants identified

The survey had identified at least 27 infants with Salmonella serotype Salmonella Agona occurred between mid-August and December 2, “according to the latest figures from the Public Health Agency sanitary France.

“The families of 24 infants have been interviewed. Among them, 12 were hospitalized because of their salmonellosis, all came out of the hospital and doing well “ , had said Monday the health agency.

Among the 24 infants, 23 consumed milk produced on Craon production site in south Mayenne.In the latter case, the baby’s mother said he was fed exclusively on breast milk, reports Public Health France without giving further details.

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