Road Safety: Speed to be Lowered 80 km/h on National Routes?

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For road safety, speed on some roads will be reduced to 80km/h

To improve road safety, the speed should be reduced to 80 km/h on national roads and roads with two lanes with no centre divider.

This is information from Le Point that the government will confirm in 2018 the passage of roads without physical separation at 80 km / h.

This lowered limit of 10 km/h will be confined solely to bilateral routes , that is to say those having no central separation (rail or wall) between the two channels. “In other words, most of the network off expressways and highways,” says the site.

In  Le Parisien , the services of the Prime Minister believe it is premature to discuss the 80 km/h . The interior ensures it is only a track among others.

“Reduce the number of deaths”

According to 40 million motorists , who launched a petition against the reduction to 80 km/h the state would consider even lower than 20 km/h speed .

For the general delegate of Road Safety, Anne Laveau, this reduction is not achieved. “For years we come back to this idea of ​​lowering the speed of the network that today is limited to 90km/h but, regarding the decision that potentially would be taken by the government, for us there are no indicators, no one knows, “said she said Saturday morning on RTL.

“We could lower the number of dead,” she said to our colleagues:

Last year, 3475 people were killed on the roads. 

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