Froome and Doping: Armstrong, “The damage is done, it is soiled forever”

Lance Armstrong has responded to Chris Froome case.

CYCLING: Lance Armstrong is back on the box Chris Froome in a podcast his show “Stages”. The American held the treatment to the British racer Sky and think “soiled forever.”

Lance Armstrong, who lost his seven titles in the Tour de France for doping, Chris Froome that shakes the cycling squad last week. In His program called Expired Internships American Said That “in July in France, it will be a nightmare, and I know exactly what it DID. It’s not fun at all. “

Chris Froome, the leader of Sky training , suffered an abnormal control during the Tour of Spain. “It could be completely exonerated but it is soiled forever.” The damage is done, “Armstrong said.

Cycling is the doormat of the world sports, but nowadays it’s a must in the New York Times is the biggest bunch of crap If you are a baseball fan who reads the New York Times every day, it’s so hard on Chris Froome, our sport and our history, “ said the former cyclist, especially in the US Postal and Discovery Channel. “I’m sure we have a bit of it and I try to accept my share of responsibility because I have skewed the equation,” concluded Lance Armstrong.

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