Angouleme: The Price of the Canteen increases by 10%

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The prices of the canteen in Angouleme will increase in September 2018

The increase will be applied to the beginning of September 2018. A negative consequence of the end of assisted contracts, justifies the mayor.

The City Council will vote tonight in Angouleme on the increased rates of school canteens. A 10% increase will be applied at the beginning of September 2018, says Stephanie Garcia, assistant in school affairs.<

“In accounting we should have put this up as of the 1st January,” says Xavier Bonnefont. “But we refuse to, we will wait for the next school year.”

This increase, the mayor justified by “the end of subsidized contracts. It does not touch the help of the State was € 750,000.” The budget of the angoumoisine school meals is three million. Invoices paid by families are a million recipes.

Specifically, this increase in pricing will result as well. Families of Unit 1 will be charged € 0.86 per meal. For Unit 2: 1,16 €. For Unit 3: 2,08 €. For Unit 4: 2,94 €. In Unit 5: 3,43 €. For the part 6 and exceptional food 4,05 € ..Résidents out common: € 5.15. 

For foster children in recreation centres, for the meal and taste the bill passes € 3.19. And 0.44 € for the taste alone.

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