WhatsApp Suffered a Global Outage for an Hour

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WhatsApp suffered a global outrage

BUG: Messenger service, WhatsApp was unavailable from 9 am to 10 am Friday morning …

  • The instant messaging service Whatsapp experienced a global outage on Friday
  • He remained unavailable approximately 1 hour from 9am, Europe, USA and Asia

It can happen to everyone, even WhatsApp. The application had a big failure on Friday morning.

For about an hour, from 9am, it was impossible to access the messages, the service blocking when displaying conversations. The bug occurred in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Shortly after 10 am, back to normal. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, did not communicate the reasons for the failure. The specialized site Whatsappen added that there was an issue with profile photos, in addition to not sending messages.

And users were able to resume their activities on small instant messaging.

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