Toulouse: Exhibitions, Concerts, Theatre … With the Bar Bars Festival, Culture on Every Street Corner

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Concerts in bars, exhibitions, theater is the bar-bars festival in nine cities in France, including Toulouse

The 16th edition of Bar bars festival is held in Toulouse from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th November, 2017. A cultural proposal still dense and pleasing.

Born in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) in 1999, the Bar bars festival,  solidarity and friendly, unites the time for a long weekend cultural bars or cafés cultures around nine major cities of the Hexagon, which will host exhibitions, concerts, theater: what makes the beauty and salt from a company that has kept the taste for discovery and sharing.

The cafe-culture, an essential link

His ambition? Provide an abundant and varied artistic program, free and independent , while steering a large spotlight on the local scene. The coffee-crops gradually become an essential and popular cultural link broadcast channel, but also places of emergence for artists, places of exchange, discovery, proximity and conviviality for public wider. They are nearly 500 – of which 230 will participate in the 2017 edition in 59 cities in France – to join the national federation of coffee-cultures.

In 26 bars of Toulouse

In Toulouse, 26 places – Breughel the Elder in Filochard, Foxy at Moloko and many others – will host 79 events  : concerts, movies, a blind test, exhibitions, a performance, a play, puppet shows for (because BarBars is this year working with the festival Marionettissimo).

A proposal as abundant as exciting: the folk of “Mee & Mee” in Communard the bluesstoner of “Sailor at Sea” at The Last Chance, the metal “Supremacy” at the La Mécanique des Fluides, punk of “The Freeborn Brothers “Breughel the Old and jazz” Sheik of Swing “at the Ostrich, November 23rd, 2017 .

Folk, metal and traditional music

The next day, traditional music Barrallel with “Porter & Stout”, hip-hop to Black Cat with “You You” and world music to O Bohem with “Aluminé Guerrero and the lost children” and Smokin Barrel with bossa ” Sol’Allegria “. Saturday 25, “The Basset Band” will be at the Bistrologue and Afro Zarbo to Jailbreak .

Exhibitions also …

Finally, note four exhibitions to discover  throughout the month of November at Black Cat, will be filled at the Esquinade and Filochard, and also a music workshop handles  the Délicatessen Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November, 2017. All music, from folk to metal,  have their place, and all ideas, even (and especially)  the most absurd are welcomed with open arms at Bar-Bars!

Practical information:  
Festival “Drinking Bar”
From Thursday 23 to Saturday, November 25, 2017
Full program on the festival website.

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