Brexit: Barnier Does Not Reject the Idea of ​​an Ambitious Trade Agreement

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Michel Barnier does not reject the offer of ambitious trade deal after Brexit

EUROPE: Michel Barnier said on Monday that the EU was open to an ambitious trade agreement with the United Kingdom, once the Brexit become effective. But he said that Brussels will not compromise on its red lines.

The head of the European Union negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier said this Monday that the EU was ready to offer London “the most ambitious” trade deal after Brexit, provided that the UK complies the conditions of the divorce.

“The European Union is prepared to offer its approach to the most ambitious free trade treaties” , Michel Barnier has said during a speech to a think tank in Brussels.

The opening of trade negotiations with London requires MAY HAVE initially set the terms of the divorce, such as the consequences of separation for Ireland and the Financial Regulation .

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