Audi RS3 Sportback: A Demented Family

The new Audi Sport R3 Sportback

The new Audi RS3 is even more radical than the previous generation. The price of this explosive family, with a 0 to 100 km/h reached in 4.1 seconds, starts at 61,500 €.

There Audi and the sports brand derived from Ingolstadt manufacturer Audi Sport, which markets the R8 and RS. That two entities and two different philosophies.

Externally, the RS3 differs from A3 by optical sharper, more angular grille, large air vents at the ends of the front apron wider lanes than 20 mm and, at the rear, by redesigned lights, a new roof spoiler, an enlarged extractor and a double Release oval exhaust. This will give it a more aggressive look also with a lowered suspension by 25 mm.

Under the hood, the new RS3 retains the 5-cylinder 2.5 liter petrol but with additional power of 33 bhp. To reach out 400 hp and 480 Nm, the engine has, inter alia, an aluminum-magnesium cure. Weight gain 26 kg is any profit on the front end.

The pleasure of the Virtual Cockpit

Few changes in contrast in the cockpit and the famous Virtual Cockpit is appreciated as standard, which allows to enjoy an array of fully configurable board from the steering wheel, with the option to have a reminder of navigation on 3D screen of 12.3 inches or tachometer in large size with the red zone at 7,000 r / min.

The interior of the Audi Sport RS3 Sportback
RS3 Sportback Audi Sport, (News © APEI)

The front semi-bucket seats in Nappa leather are well suited to the car’s temperament but they are optional (900 €) as their power adjustments and heaters. It is the endemic failure of German premium deploying a long list of options like a day without bread. Thus, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h, but the optional 280 km/h was charged at € 1800!

A sound intoxicating

Upon startup, the harsh sound of the 5-cylinder incentive to push the accelerator. The Haldex system is then immediately to pass power to the 4 wheels and plated driver and passengers against their records. Not certain that the whole family enjoys but rising Dynamic mode reports, punctuated by a “poc” exhaust, is intoxicating. In short, the driver does not get tired.

7 well stepped speeds can also be controlled by paddles behind the wheel. Taking advantage of automation and in normal or comfort, RS3 just found a little comfort but also benefit from a very substantial adaptive damping, it costs € 1190 extra.

Riveted to the ground

On the road, calm driving, the RS3 acts as a pull easily and consumption falls below two digits. When cornering or any difficulty, all-wheel drive kicks in to bring more or less torque to the rear axle and provide carefree handling. Although backed by 19-inch tires, the car is riveted to the ground.

In extreme cases, an understeer ESP may appear but immediately correct the situation. Finally, to stop the 400 hp Audi Sport features front disc ceramic. Very effective. But this is still an option for 5400 €!

The Sportback 5-door, the essential purpose of the test, will make 80% of sales in France. A grip of the 4-door sedan, longer than 15 cm and heavier sentence of 5 kg showed an almost similar behavior.

Last precision, the penalty of the Audi RS3 is around 10 000 €!

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