Nantes: Soon €16 Ouigo Train Ticket to Paris

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Nantes to Paris soon to be available with Ouigo

As part of its extension, Ouigo provide customers from the 10th December, travel to Paris Montparnasse, the first station from the centre of Paris to Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes.

These winter sales Ouigo, offer low-cost high-speed train, will be open to all travelers from October 3. Tomorrow, it will be possible to book his train tickets from Paris Montparnasse from 16 € for adults and a flat rate of 8 € for children – to join Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes. What is a little less attractive, the poit of view of price, the starting price of Ouigo (19 destinations in France from 10 € for adults and 5 € for children).

“Paris Montparnasse is a major step for us! We aim to continue to expand our low-cost offer to achieve by 2020, 25% of high-speed traffic in France. End of 2018, we traveled half way, since Ouigo already represent 18% of high-speed traffic. “Affrme Rachel Picard, Director General of SNCF Voyages.

Three new destinations will also be offered: Poitiers, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (Tours) and Laval.

In total, 5 round / daily round will be available:

2 trips / returns Paris Montparnasse Hall 3 – Vaugirard access <> Bordeaux
2 trips / returns Paris Montparnasse Hall 3 – Vaugirard access <> Nantes
1 to / from Paris Montparnasse Hall 3 – Vaugirard access <> Rennes

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