Marina Kaye takes “Vole” from Celine Dion, Listen to Her Beautiful Version

Marina Kaye releases cover version of Celine Dion "Vole"

MUSIC: Since Friday, Marina Kaye is back with “Explicit”. A second album intense and personal on which the singer ventures to resume a song of Celine Dion: “Vole”

Success has not been easy for Marina Kaye. Carried away in a whirlwind with “Homeless” then her first album “Fearless” , the young prodigy lost her footing. ” Everything happened to me under the nose. It went very quickly, I did not understand what was happening. I had my head on the handlebars, I was obsessed with the idea of ​​continuing, I did not realize anything (…) I was insensitive to everything, I never cried. I lived like a robot. I tried everything and anything to feel sensations “admits the former winner of ” France has incredible talent “. But from this dark period, she drew a second powerful and intimate album : “Explicit”. At the age of 20, Marina Kaye is completely naked, evoking her torment on “Something” or her stormy past with her father on “Vivre” , a duet with Soprano . The artist is also for the first time singing in French. Notably on a cover borrowed from the greatest voice of the French song: Celine Dion .

“I have a great admiration for Céline Dion “

On her record, Marina Kaye was indeed daring to revisit “Vole” , a beautiful ballad on the loss of a loved one, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman for the album “D’eux” in 1995. ” This song has a story for me. I started singing it for my aunt who passed away in March 2011. I always told my mother: “If one day, I sing in French, it will be “vole”!  “When I was invited to the evening in tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, I was offered songs in English but I wanted to sing in French. I wanted it to remain secret, I wanted to give this surprise to people. I knew it would be an emotional evening for me,” says Marina Kaye.

Celine Dion, a model for the young performer?”  I’m not going to say that I was a fan, but obviously she’s a singer I admire a lot. He is someone who is just admirable. Staying as long in this business, which is still very complicated and full of people not nice at all, and stay as nice, it’s a miracle! I have an unfailing admiration for her,” she says. With softness and fragility, Marina Kaye manages to keep all the emotion of the original song. A sublime version!

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