DJ, concert and beer … Chestnut: Saturday is the Chestnut Festival in Toulouse

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The Chestnut Festival attracts every year hundreds of people to Toulouse

The Chestnut Festival is held in the street, in the Saint-Cyprien district on Saturday 20th October, 2017. Here are the events planned for this event has become a must in Toulouse!

This is an appointment become indispensable over the years. The Chestnut Festival is back Saint-Cyprien district of Toulouse.

It’s Florent Pradel, the new bar manager The Loupiote,  who took over the evening which takes place outdoors, Réclusane street.

An evening that offers many activities, from 18 to midnight. Ideal for an aperitif or a bite to eat  with friends.

Concert and chicken with chestnuts

This is the Dj raw, Mungo Park Selector, which will be on the decks all night in three phases: from 6pm to 8.30pm, the time of the appetizer, around 10pm at the intermission of a concert, and c ‘ he will still close the evening after 11pm. “It will provide electro music, de la soul, funk and Caribbean music,” says Florent Pradel.

It will be possible to eat there. The restaurant “Le Sans Nom”, The Loupiote neighbor, regalement with … chicken with chestnuts sprinkled (in moderation) with beers chestnut liqueur The Loupiote.

The street will be closed to traffic for the occasion. A performance scene will be placed in the middle. This is the group Gimmick 5 Syndicate that it will produce from 8.30pm to 10.30pm with an intermission.

Practical information: 
The Loupiote
39 Street Réclusane 
Tel: 09 51 33 63 73

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