Banking: Credit Agricole is Reorganizing in the Vendée and Loire-Atlantique

Credit Agricole Bank is reorganising its Loire-Atlantique and Vendee Operations

The Credit Agricole bank closed several of its agencies in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée. The objective, to reorganise to offer a better service.

Last spring, hundreds of employees of Credit Agricole Loire-Atlantique and Vendée went on strike to protest against the announced closure of certain agencies, as part of a major reorganization of the bank.

“We wanted to combine digital and human” this Yves Schwartz, deputy director general of Credit Agricole Loire-Atlantique Vendee.

Program: “Relationships with each customer, direct contact by mail or phone, experts, specialized consultants,” explains Pierre-Philippe Guengant, commercial director.

Training, embaucheet staggered hours

To provide this, the bank decided to densify its agencies. First, by training employees, three to seven days depending on the level, “because they change a little business,” said Pierre-Philippe Guengant. The bank also conducted hires, “140 in 2017, in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée” .

New schedules, staggered, were put in place, “so that advisers are more accessible. Tuesday and Friday, they work up to 19 hours, “ says commercial director.

Some agencies have closed, “twenty, both rural and city, says Pierre-Philippe Guengant. We watched what outlets opened recently, were not suitable or that clients left. “

With cash machines, Crédit Agricole will leave in certain municipalities. “But if the use is marginal or that it only affects people who are not our clients, it may be necessary to remove them,” concludes Pierre-Philippe Guengant.

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