The Assembly Voted to Increase Taxes on Diesel

The Assembly has voted to increase taxes on diesel

FINANCE: Taxes will go up 2.6 cents per litre of diesel every year for four years.

The National Assembly voted at the weekend for the increase in tax on diesel required by the government to align with that of petrol prices by 2021, to the dismay of the right. MPs voted Article 2018 draft budget providing for an increase in domestic consumption tax on energy products ( TICPE ) of 2.6 cents per litre of diesel every year for four years.

“This is an additional penalty for rural areas”, protested the leader of Deputies LR Christian Jacob, while diesel is preferred. Elected officials from his group had filed dozens of amendments to delete the increase or decrease. “The objective of the ecological transition is still good,” also said Vincent Descoeur (LR) in reference to induced revenue.

The Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin (still a member of LR) argued that “diesel is 45,000 deaths a year” and that “all candidates in the presidential election” had the proposed increase. “Famous + + at the same time is in the budget,” which provides for aid in return, including doubling of car conversion premium has he argued.

From “punitive ecology”

In response to a LREM MP supporting the rise, the group’s president New Left Olivier Faure regretted a form of “punitive ecology”, so that “it’s not just people who are lucky to live in big cities. ”

The alignment of taxation on diesel with petrol during the five-year period is a campaign promise of the candidate Emmanuel Macron. The movement had been committed under the presidency of François Hollande.

Retouching just this part of the Finance Bill, MPs voted an extension of the exemption from TICPE for fuels used in the naval sector (manufacturing, testing and interviews) to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector.

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