APL Vaping, Contactless Payment, Photoshop … What is changing from 1st October

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The limit for paying by contactless credit card is increasing

The main changes coming into effect in France in October 2018 …

October 1st is packed with innovations. From today, Sunday, many changes are expected in your daily life. We list the main points to note.

The vaping banned in some enclosed public places

Bad news for fans of the electronic cigarette. From October 1st, it will be forbidden to vape in “schools and establishments for the reception, training and accommodation of minors” and in “public transit means closed (buses, subways , trains …) “.

At work, vaping will be banned in an open space but not in individual enclosed offices, “local hosting public such as bars, restaurants or hotels for example” does also not be affected by this ban, “unless the rules provides “.

Regulated gas prices up 1.2% on average

As of Sunday, the regulated gas prices (excluding taxes) of Engie increase by an average of 1.2% compared to the scale in force in September 2017. In detail, “the increase was 0.4% those who use gas for cooking, 0.7% for those with a dual-purpose cooking and hot water, and 1.2% for households who heat with gas, ” says the energy regulatory Commission (CRE) in a statement released Friday.

Lower APL, reduced by five euros

After months of debate , the measure comes into force this Sunday: the personal housing assistance (APL) will be reduced by five euros monthly for their 6.5 million household beneficiaries as of the 1st October, And only that a beginning: they may in future see their amount decreased by mere decree, according to texts published Thursday in the Official Journal (OJ).

Contactless payment ceiling raised

From Sunday, the contactless payment ceiling will rise from 20 to 30 euros But beware, only new cards will be affected, not those already in circulation. According to Les Echos , the transition will be gradual: according to the GIE CB, 40% of the holders (60% of payments) should benefit from the new ceiling by the end of 2018. “It was not until 2020 – when all bank cards in circulation in France have been replaced – for the park to be completely renewed, ” says the business daily .

The retirement pension revalued by 0.8%

The amount of the basic pension will increase by 0.8% from 1 October. This revaluation concerns expressed aligned schemes, namely the general scheme for private sector employees, the RSI and MSA independent farmers.

Indexed to prices, annual pension increases which takes place every October 1, was frozen since 2013 due to almost zero inflation.

Mention “retouched” compulsory

From October 1st, “it will be mandatory to accompany commercial photographs of the words” retouched photograph “when the physical appearance of the models has been modified by an image processing software, to refine their silhouette or thicken “.

This requirement concerns the photographs “inserted in commercials” in the press, on billboards, on the Internet or in catalogs and prospectuses, said the decree published Friday. It will be for the advertiser to check that the photos they buy, were subject to no such change, it added.

This provision is intended “to act on body image in society to avoid promoting unattainable beauty ideals and prevent anorexia among young people”, explained the ministry with the publication of the text in the Official Journal on May 5 latest.

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