Weather: This First Weekend of Autumn more like Summer

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The First Weekend of Autumn will be more like Summer

Temperatures again become almost summer in bright sunshine. This first autumn weekend will feel like summer over much of the country according to the forecasts.

Forget the gloom and rain of the season. The first autumn weekend will be more like summer over much of France. The weather looks mostly sunny this afternoon although some stratus will drag even on the coast of the Hérault and Gard. Some exceptions to the weather: Around the Gulf of Lion, marine inputs will continue and the morning will take place under a very Gray sky. On the north-east, the sky will be generally variable. During the afternoon, the clouds thicken and will even give a downpour near the northern borders.

Elsewhere it is a beautiful and frank sun will prevail. Clear bourgeonneront still in day on the southern reliefs and showers are possible. On the Massif Central, the Southern Alps and the Corsican relief thunder is not excluded.

Up to 29 degrees in the South West

The temperatures will be between 5 and 13 degrees north and south. It will be up to 18 degrees locally in Corsica and on the Mediterranean. It will be cooler in place with 2-4 degrees in Normandy and Brittany. The maximum will go from 18 to 24 degrees on the northern half, 21 to 27 degrees on the southern half, up to 29 degrees on the south-west – especially in Biarritz.

After this fine Saturday, Sunday will be even sunnier. The day will be even sweeter for the week with a sun again very generous on almost all of the country.

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