Olympic Games 2024: TF1 in the Battle for Broadcasting Rights?

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The Olympic Games 2024 from Paris could be broadcast on TF1

Absent since 1996 and the Atlanta Olympic Games, TF1 could again broadcast the Olympic games in 2024. This is certainly what was suggested by the Deputy Director General of the chain, Ara Aprikian “we look as we look at all major events “.

TF1, which has broadcast more Olympics for twenty years, could try to get the broadcast rights in France 2024 Olympics, scheduled to take place in Paris, suggested Monday an official of the group.

“It will be a great event, so we will look at” the record, “as we look at all the great events” , said at a press conference Ara Aprikian, deputy director general of TF1 when asked at a press conference on the possibility for the group to broadcast the Olympic Games in Paris.

TF1 absent for Atlanta

TF1 has broadcast more Olympics (except the opening ceremonies and closing games of London 2012) from those of Atlanta in 1996, leaving this field to its competitors France Télévisions and Canal +. Eurosport, TF1 which held a stake until 2015, however, had broadcast events of the Sydney Games (2000) and Athens (2004).

The Olympics should be held in 2024 in Paris and in 2028 in Los Angeles. A tripartite agreement has yet to be formally signed between the IOC, Paris and Los Angeles before confirmation on September 13 in Lima by the IOC Session of the double award.

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