Loire-Atlantique: 3D Printer and Broadband will Land in all Colleges

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Math class early to Libertarian-Rutigliano college in Nantes

EDUCATION: The Loire-Atlantique department is launching its “digital map ” …

  • The Department will boost the digital equipment in its colleges.
  • 3D printer, mobile and broadband class have already arrived in Libertarian-Rutigliano college Eraudière area in Nantes.

No pencil or double decimeter on the tables. On Monday morning, in math, graphics are displayed on the laptops available to students 4EC the Libertarian-Rutigliano college . In the next room, the 3rd also have their eyes on screens. Headphones on, they listen to audio files in Breton, to achieve their exercise.

Located in the Eraudière area in Nantes, the establishment of 460 students is the first college in Loire-Atlantique to have been fully equipped with computers by the county council. And the community has not done things by half for its fourth “digital map”. Over 5 million per year will be invested.

The Loire Atlantique is to equip colleges with 3D Printers and high speed internet
In Libertarian-college Rutigliano Nantes – J. Urbach

3D printers for techno courses

By 2021, all colleges (public and private) in Loire-Atlantique should make a leap into the future. In addition to the renewal of equipment, “we will equip each classroom with a video projector, announces Christine Orain , Associate Vice President for education. By 2018, all institutions will have to as portables, with hybrid computers and installation of wi-fi terminals.  “The diffusing screens menus in the canteen and internal information will also be placed in the lobbies.

By next year, colleges finally benefit from equipment at least surprising, namely a 3D printer . In college Libertarian-Rutigliano, the machine has already arrived and used under techno. “The goal is to show students how it works, to introduce them to the 3D design computer says Michel Trégouët the principal. It can be a tool for interdisciplinary projects combining math, technology, fine arts … ”

A 3D printer Libertarian-Rutigliano college in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique
A 3D printer Libertarian-Rutigliano college in Nantes – J. Urbach

Broadband and Maintenance

Big problem institutions, the Internet connection will also be greatly improved, promises the county council. High speed Broadband will be deployed in all colleges (of the Nantes area initially). A Libertarian-Rutigliano, we went from 8 to … 60 Mb / s.

Finally, the puzzle related to equipment maintenance should be ancient history for educational teams. A catalogue has been developed for the controlled equipment colleges is standardised, and new assistance tools have been developed. “Troubleshooting, hardware replacement will be in maximum 48 hours,” promises Christine Orain.

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