Fuel Prices at Gas Stations Rose Sharply Last Week

Prices of fuel rose sharply at petrol stations in France

AUTOMOTIVE: Diesel fuel rose 2.61 cents, and that of petrol without lead SP95 3.51 cents …

Bad news for motorists. Prices of fuels sold in service stations in France rose sharply last week, according to official figures published Monday.

Fuel  the most sold in France with about 80% of volumes sold, diesel oil rose 2.61 cents to 1.2154 euro per liter on average, according to data released by the Ministry of ecology and solidarity Transition.

“This is the impact of higher oil prices”

The price per litre of unleaded petrol (SP95) for its part rose 3.51 cents to 1.3739 euro. One of the SP95-E10 containing up to 10% ethanol rose 3.22 cents to 1.3580 euro. Finally a litre of petrol (SP98) also rose by 3.22 cents to 1.4400 euro.

“This is the impact of rising oil price per barrel,” said Frederic Plan, general delegate of the French Federation of Fuel and Heating (FF3C) . “This brings us up in the average price for the year,” he observed, however.

Fuel prices vary especially depending on the barrel price of oil, the exchange rate of the euro to the dollar, the level of stocks of petroleum products, changes in taxes and that of demand.

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