Chateaubriant: No Fishing in the lake of Le Torche

Local News
Fishing is suspended in the lake Le Torche in Chateaubriant, until September 29.

Sunday 3rd September, about 250 dead fish were discovered in the lake of le torche, in Chateaubriant. An order was issued prohibiting fishing on the lake, until the circumstances of the fish deaths can be ascertained …

This Sunday 3rd September, dead fish were discovered in the lake of le torche in Chateaubriant.

Firefighters, city police and technical services were dispatched to the scene, conducting the collection of dead fish.

About 250 other roach and perch were removed from the water.

A municipal order prohibited fishing in the pond of le torche until the 29th September.

Analyzes are underway: this fish mortality could be due to a lack of oxygen in the water or at a concentration of greater pollution in the lake, following a sudden storm runoff.

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