Rennes: A Car Smashes the Windows of a Temp Agency

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The driver went about it several times to smash the windows of the Temp Agency in Rennes

The window shattered under the car’s hammering at Rennes. The voluntary nature of the case can be little doubt. The driver, drunk, was arrested.

A man in his forties was deliberately smashed the window of a temp agency at the corner of the rue Puits Mauger and boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne, in Rennes. The incident happened around 7pm on Tuesday night, shortly after the closing of the agency.

Several attempts

The driver went about it twice to break the front. Luckily, the place was empty. The glass door was thrown with great force on a desk in the corner of the agency. The car remained there, stuck in the window.

The driver arrested

The driver, whose motives were not identified, fled and took refuge in an underground car park of the shopping center Colombier. Police dispatched significant resources there.

Placed in custody

Upon seeing the police, the fugitive went by lying on the floor. He was drunk. He was placed in the drunk tank and will be heard as soon as he regained consciousness.

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