Pope Francis Speaks of Women, of Communism and Psychoanalysis in a Book

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Pope Francis new book based on interviews launches in September

RELIGION: The Pope trusts in a book of interviews to be published in early September …

Women, communism, psychoanalysis and migrants … The Pope  trusts in a book of interviews * forthcoming early in September. From first excerpts of the book, entitled Politics and society  and born of the dialogue between the Pope and the French researcher Dominique Wolton, are published in the Figaro Magazine to be published on Friday.

If he repeats his opening messages expressed on sensitive issues in society and the Church, including openness to migrants, secularism, pedophile priests, gay marriage, relations with Islam or the communion of divorced, Francis also confided intimately.

intimate matters

It discusses women. “Personally, I thank God for having known real women in my life,” he says. It pays tribute to his two grandmothers and her mother, who “faced problems after each other,” including physical suffering, and his sisters.

“Then there were the friends of adolescence,” little girlfriends “… To be always connected with women enriched me,” says Francis, who says he “learned, even in adulthood, that women see things differently from men “and that” it is important to listen to both. ”

“I owe so much to this woman”

The pontiff also said to have been heavily influenced by a communist activist, Esther Careaga of Ballestrino, killed under the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983) after helping to found the movement of the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who denounced the disappearance of their children murdered by the regime.

“[She taught me to think the political reality (…) I owe so much to this woman,” said the pope, who adds, “once told me:” But you are a Communist! ” No, the communists, are the Christians. It’s the others who stole our banner! ”

Pope Francis also admits to having “consulted a Jewish psychoanalyst” when he was 42, “at a time of [his] life that [he] needed it.” He visited her home once a week for six months “to clarify some things.” “A very good person” who “helped me a lot,” he said.

Politics and society  of Pope Francis (Meetings with Dominique Wolton), the Observatory Press, 432 pages, 21 euros in bookstores on September 6th.

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