Nantes: A Sheep Slaughtered in Beaulieu Park for a Barbecue

Local News
In Nantes a sheep had been slaughtered in a park for a barbecue

Monday 7th August at 8pm, the city police of Nantes was called by walkers, to Beaulieu Park. A sheep had been slaughtered.

Hung upside down, the sheep had just been bled beside the lake at the end of the Ile de Nantes. A few meters from the pathway, in plain sight, on Monday evening. “These are bystanders who warned us” , explained a municipal police officer. Four individuals were arrested, “those closest to the beast”, he added. A barbecue was being organized.

A group of fifteen people had been expected with chairs, tables and barbecue for this meal “urban-rural”. Around 8.30pm, a police officer took down the slaughtered sheep. “It is quite common in this park, to be confronted with this kind of practice. But rarely in the middle of August “, he concedes.

When the sheep was taken down, the four individuals were released, after being given a warning from the police.

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