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Loire-Atlantique: Three Died in a Road Accident in Belligné

A fatal accident occurred at about 6pm, this Sunday 6th August, at a place called Aspen, in the municipality of Belligné (Loire-Atlantique). Only one car is involved. Loss of control of the vehicle is the cause of the tragedy that left three people dead

The drama takes place shortly before 6pm, at the edge of the Loire-Atlantique department and the Maine-et-Loire.

When she arrived at the place called Aspen, located in the town of Belligné, a car carrying three people on board suddenly lost control.

According to the first elements of the inquiry collected by the territorial brigade of Ancenis, the BMW vehicle swerved before hitting straight into a tree bordering a cornfield.

Under the effect of the shock of unprecedented violence, the car was literally cut in half.

Two men and a woman killed in the accident

First responders on site could only note the death of passengers.

These two men and a woman, which could be a US citizen. The driver was 26 years old, the passenger 24 and the rear passenger 25 years.

The car was carrying a married couple residing Belligné. The driver is also locally known.

The car is registered in Ille-et-Vilaine.  Initial findings is that the car travelling at a very high speed is the cause of this accident.

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