Fruits and Vegetables: Declining Prices after a 2016 Record

This summer, the prices of fruits and vegetables were lower than last year.

This summer, the prices of fruits and vegetables were lower than last year. They had seen a record increase in 2016 after difficult weather conditions, according to the association Rural Families.

The Rural Families Association released Thursday its annual barometer of prices of fruits and vegetables . This summer prices on the labels were down 8% for fruit and 7% for vegetables. This marks a rebalancing after rates in 2016 had jumped 18% for fruit and 10% for vegetables.

This year, buy a kilogram of fruit costs an average of 3.76 euros and vegetables cost 2.14 euros.

Apricots falling, tomatoes up

But this hides wide disparities: strawberries (7.85 euros, up 2%) and cherries (6.14 euros, -15%) remain expensive, whilst melons (2.22 euros -10%), carrots (1.29, -16%) or salad (€ 0.95, -4%) appears more reasonable.

Fruits and vegetables that have recorded the largest decreases are apricots (-26% to € 3.02), potatoes (-22%, to 1.39 euro) and courgettes (-20% to 1.53).

Conversely, tomatoes (+ 8% to 2.09 euros) or pears (+ 5% to 2.79 euros) see their prices revalued.

Organic twice more expensive products

Organic prices remains stable (+ 0.1%) for fruit and vegetables increased by 3%. These products are almost two times more expensive than equivalent conventional agriculture (EUR 6.96 / kg of organic fruits, vegetables 4,21 euros).

Over 10 years, the prices of fruit in France rose by 18.6%, “is faster than inflation (12.2%)” , and those vegetables 7%, also notes Rural Families.

It  “is not necessarily more expensive to buy French”

The cheapest distribution channel for the purchase of fruits and vegetables remains hard discount (46.3 euros a basket of 16 fruits and vegetables), followed by hypermarkets and supermarkets (48.6 euros). Markets remain the most expensive, to 55.3 euros, while prices have this year fell 10% on the stalls.

Finally, the association stresses that it “is not necessarily more expensive to buy French” . Indeed, 10 French fruit and vegetables on the 16 studied “are cheaper or slightly more expensive (less than 0.2 euro / kg)” that their foreign equivalents.

This study is based on price surveys (Association does not consider the quality) of 8 fruit and vegetables 8, performed by 54 “watchmen” in 32 departments between June 5 to 11 and 3 to 9 July.

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