The French Consume Less Alcohol than Before

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The French consume less alcohol than previous years

In 2016, the French have significantly reduced their alcohol purchases, the biggest decline since 2007, while their alcohol consumption is becoming more casual, a study of the industrial organization moderation! published Thursday.

According to the 2017 barometer of consumption of alcoholic beverages, 2016 has accelerated the decrease in volume of 1.8 liters on year to 70.7 liters per year per household across all spirits (wine, beer, spirits …).

In 2015, the French had bought an average 72.5 liters of alcohol per household against 73.2 liters in 2014 and 80.7 liters in 2007, down from 10 liters in 2007.

A change in consumption

The frequency of consumption has also changed. Thus the majority of French people aged 18 and older consume alcohol less than once per week (18% ever). The number of daily users has declined by 6 points in 7 years (9%) and predominantly male (13% against 6% of women) and older people (15% of 60-70 years against 18 2% -25 years).

The annual budget for purchases of alcoholic beverages amounted to 327.7 euros in 2016, or 1.7 euros less than in 2015. A slight decrease is explained by a decline in the frequency of purchase (25 , 1 purchase acts in 2016 against 25.4 in 2015). The average basket was stable at 13 euros.

“The latest upmarket phenomenon observed these years – less but better – is not challenged by the slight decrease in the total annual budget” , says Alexis Capitant, CEO, With Moderation !, which includes 15 companies French industry, including Pernod Ricard and Rémy Cointreau.

Moreover, the crisis in attendance cafes bars and restaurants (-13.4% since 2008) marks a break in 2016 when she was stable.

“A setback can probably be linked to the tourism rebound in France found in the last quarter 2016, primarily from the hexagonal customers,” observes Alexis Capitant, said in the statement of the organization.

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