Boxing: Mayweather wins Unsurprisingly the “Money Fight” against McGregor

Conor McGregor (l.) And Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on August 26, 2017

BOXING: This is the 50th victory for the American in as many fights …

The American Floyd Mayweather has unsurprisingly won his highly anticipated and controversial boxing match against the Irishman Conor McGregor by a stoppage from the referee in the 10th round on Saturday in Las Vegas (Nevada).

Mayweather, aged 40 years old, won his 50th win in as many fights, facing McGregor, aged 29 years old, star of mixed martial arts (MMA) who was fighting his first boxing match. Their fight, criticized by many observers, had been renamed “Money Fight” or combat money by reference to astronomical revenue it has generated.

McGregor, a former apprentice plumber from Dublin, will pocket $ 100 million and Mayweather could collect up to 250 million dollars after the huge revenues including TV rights.

McGregor tired

The American, considered one of the best boxers in history, however, has experienced the first four rounds very difficult at times. Challenged by the speed and power of McGregor missing marks nearly two years after his last fight, he let the storm pass, with an attitude of defense, sometimes bordering the ridiculous, with the blows of his opponent.

But he who is nicknamed “Money”,  sacred twelve-time world champion in five different weight classes, gradually took the ascendancy. McGregor increasingly tired as MMA fights consist of competing in three times of five minutes, with his tiredness dropping greatly from the 8th round.


Hit several times in the face, the Irishman, supported by the vast majority of the 20,000 spectators of the T-Mobile Arena, was stopped by the referee after conceding two left hooks.

So they had exchanged insults and provocations to promote their fights, both boxers have warmly welcomed the outcome of the battle. “It was much better than I thought he punched by varying the angles, he is a champion,” Mayweather insisted. “Money” has already accumulated before this fight more than 800 million in earnings, confirmed that he had fought his last fight.

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