WhatsApp: The Results of the Application from Facebook are Amazing

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The application is passed one billion monthly users, one billion daily users.

The platform, WhatsApp for instant and secure messaging, owned by Facebook, has experienced tremendous growth in its number of active users. Last year one billion users every month using WhatsApp, today they are a billion a day. The results of Facebook and other platforms also spray performance records.

The bet of Mark Zuckerberg seems to have succeeded on all counts. Facebook and its platforms in full swing and always reap more money. He unveiled Wednesday quarterly results of his company, and they have something to give dizzy.

The mobile application for instant and encrypted messaging, Facebook has bought 22 billion by 2014 was a huge success, “Last year, we announced that one billion people worldwide using WhatsApp every month. Today, we are delighted and proud to tell you that a billion people use every day, ” welcomed WhatsApp on his blog on Wednesday 26th July.

Daily Views and users on WhatsappIn total, 55 billion messages are sent every day via application, 4.5 billion photos and videos shared 1 billion. The WhatsApp strategy copy Snapchat by allowing users to post photos or videos doomed to disappear after 24 hours was also positive. WhatsApp Status allows it boasts 250 million users.

Facebook, increasingly efficient

The quarterly results released Wednesday, July 26 show a surge in the profitability of digital giant. Compared with the second quarter 2016, sales increased by 45% and profits by 71%. Between April and June in the company therefore recorded a turnover of almost 9.2 billion

A simple explanation explains this performance out-of-common platform to increase its rates by 24% for display advertising on the network, which now has 2 billion users. This detail is important because the volume of advertising revenue derived from the mobile platforms of Facebook now accounts for 87% of its revenues generated by advertising. This ratio last year was 84%.

These staggering results also concern other platforms the Facebook group. ur Messenger, 2 billion messages are sent every month between people and businesses. On Instagram, users publish every day 250 million Stories.

Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that the new features and improvements should be soon added to its communities, including how to share content. In other words, Facebook’s growth is not about to stop.


[SOURCE: Techtipsonline.net]

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