NASA Filmed the West of France and Europe in Ultra High Definition

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NASA has released ISS filmed the west of France and Europe in ultra high definition.

You have three minutes? Want to visit Europe? So climb aboard the International Space Station and enjoy the show, filmed in high definition by NASA.

The ISS, International Space Station or, you know, now. It was the home of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet for more than six months.

And the scientist from Normandy took a number of shots, photos and videos, his colleagues also filmed our planet view at 400 km altitude. And in high definition (4K).

This video was shot in August 2016. The International Space Station has travelled nearly 1800 km, flying over the west of France (The journey begins in Nantes), the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria, and the southern Balkans.

o fully enjoy this beautiful video, watch it in full screen and adjust the definition of the maximum, thanks to the small toothed wheel on the bottom right of the video player.

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