Nantes: 14th July, Music for the Mayor

Local News
Led by the Bal de Bellevue, a popular dance is improvised in the gardens of City Hall at Nantes this 14th July.

Nearly 800 people responded to the call of the Mayor of Nantes to celebrate in music the storming of the Bastille and the party of the federation. Whether new naturalized or volunteers who participated in the last two elections.

The atmosphere is very festive in the gardens of City Hall, this 14th July. Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes, hosts some 800 new citizens or volunteers who have worked in the last two elections: “France is a free country, where we refuse arbitrary, even where it is known to lift to fight and shoot him. A country that also knows how to unity on the essentials and assert its solidarity. “

Among the guests, there are volunteer members who participated in the last two French elections. Among them, Hortense. She’s only 18, but she wanted to get involved in citizenship: “I will integrate Sciences Po next year. I was assessor to the presidential election and I attended the count in parliamentary. 

But there, too, the new citizens. Like Kahina, Sofiane and daughter Maelys: “We were one of Kabylia, in Algeria. We were made welcome. It feels good in everyday life. “

And, meanwhile, the musicians of Ball de Bellevue provide the musical entertainment.

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