Côtes d’Armor: These Firefighters leave to Reinforce the South of France

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Four firefighters from Côtes d'Armor have left to reinforce the South of France

In the evening of Wednesday 26th July, four firefighters have left their respective relief centers in the Cotes d’Armor, to go to lend a hand to their colleagues mobilized on the front of forest fires. They are voluntary and go during their holidays.

Four firefighters from rescue centers Hénanbihen, Plancoët, Pléneuf-Val-André and Emerald (Matignon – Saint-Cast-le-Guildo) took the direction of Vannes, this Wednesday 26th July, in the evening.

Other firefighters were waiting to join the Bourges where a column of fire soldiers had to go to the south of France, where several fires are raging . Including ten who went from the Ille-et-Vilaine also Wednesday night.

The place of action of the four firefighters from the Côtes d’Armor depend on the actual needs of the various relief centers mobilized on forest fires.

The firefighters are trained in this type of fire but do not have the same experience as their colleagues in the south of France as they intervene on site to support ongoing risk that the numbers already mobilized struggling to manage.


Volunteers, the four men left for a one-week mission to be paid to them but nevertheless taken their leave.

“We go to look for another experience but mostly to give a hand” confirms Thierry Boulaire, one of them.

Like him, Jonathan Péan and Pierre-Damien Gestel fold for the first time this kind of mission. This is not the case of David Loyen who lend a hand to his colleagues in the South of France for the third time and do not know what to expect.

“Over there, landscapes ravaged by flames as lunar. It’s impressive. And not pretty … “

Other firefighters from the Côtes d’Armor region could follow in the footsteps of the four precursors, in the coming weeks.

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