The Summer Sales Begin without Fanfare

The summer sales in France begin without fanfare

The summer sales began Wednesday for six weeks without the frenzy of the past in the stores, while the French are now accustomed to enjoying promotions throughout the year and as traders question the point of sales.

This year, the bargain hunting spreads between the 28th June and the 8th August. Balances are the only time when traders have the right to sell at a loss.

Wednesday afternoon, the first trends appeared mixed

According to Parisian shopkeepers, the first hours were “a little shy and without the frenzy of yesteryear”, despite discounts of up to 50% already, noted Wednesday noon Yves Marin, consumer expert Wavestone firm.

In spring, the start was also found disappointing. At 11am, attendance appeared down 10% compared to last year, with sales down 5%.

“This year, the schedule is not favorable with starting balances later than usual,” said Pierre Pellarey, director of the department store.

In addition, “customers are more likely to wait, waiting perhaps for an additional 15% discount we offer on Saturday and Sunday,” he added.

“It is true that startups are less flamboyant than in the past,” acknowledges Agnès Vigneron, Director of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. It is in this store that the Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, came to give the official start of bargain hunting on Wednesday morning.

While acknowledging that the sales “remain an important moment”, he also announced the upcoming opening of a dialogue with trade players to try to improve the organization of the period.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to boost attendance, many signs, like Camaieu or Celio, proposed reductions for guests coming from the first day.

Traders are worried because, in addition to the very close start going on holiday, “the weather, good until now, was a little refreshed, which may not support the summer parts purchases,” said M . Marin.

Contrasting Trends

On the shopping center side, the trend seemed more encouraging. “People came in droves from 8am, it was felt that he had a real passion,” said Jean-Philippe Pelou, director Quatre Temps (La Défense).

In mid-day attendance center was up 8%. “It is a very good first day,” he says.

This trend was also reflected in Toulouse, in the St. George area, which recorded an increase in attendance of 4% at midday.

But at the downtown shops of the town centre, they frown. There is “a slight decrease compared to last year,” said Bernard Boudou, head of Manik store.

The “specials and private sales, it breaks the myth balances,” said Celine, 28, who nevertheless asked a day off to enjoy discounts in the early hours.

In Brest, the crowd was “slightly higher this year than in previous”, noted a sales Goods of the main shopping street of the city.

Some clients, such as Anne-Laure Tanguy, 40, however, admitted to have spent part of their budget at private pre-pay sales. “There are fewer people, more choice,” says the young woman, who, however, indicates being “back this morning” for the sales “to see if there are additional discounts.”

Internet Shopping

The e-commerce sector now captures a significant share of purchases.

Every year, several sites as Brandalley and Spartoo reported on Wednesday morning large increases their sales.

“These first hours have been a good day. (…) We now expect more than a million visitors” on the site, noted Stéphane Treppoz, president of Sarenza, also highlighting strong growth in mobile sales.

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