Paris: A Man Shot Three Times in the Street

Local News
The victim was in the park of the city of Paris when a man approached him.

A man was coldly shot three times yesterday early evening, in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris.

The murder, which all of a settling of accounts took place Friday in the early evening, near the street Brancion, in the 15th district of Paris. The victim was in the park ‘cité sensible des Périchaux’ when a man approached him, a gun in his hand. Damage to the leg, chest and in the head, the victim who lived in the city died on the spot.

The drama was played “at the precise location where the dealers settle for sale”, indicated last night in Paris , Philippe Goujon, Mayor (LR) of the 15th Arrondissement, which denounces the climate of insecurity in the southern area of the district.

The alleged murderer, a man in his thirties according to witnesses, fled running after the facts.

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