Computers: Reform of the AZERTY, the French called to Choose their new Keyboard

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AFNOR invited the French to give their opinion on the future replacement of the AZERTY keyboard

COMPUTER: The French have until the 9th July to give their opinion and choose the future replacement of the azerty keyboard …

The AZERT keyboard, as we have always known, has to disappear.

AFNOR (French Association for Standardization), under the Ministry of Culture, on Wednesday launched a public inquiry in order to “improve” the historic French keyboard.

“Can not write French correctly”

The idea was born of a consultation with experts, linguists, manufacturers or specialists in diseases of the hand and joints.

The General Delegation for the French language and the languages of France had estimated in a report that it was “almost impossible to write French correctly with a keyboard marketed in France.”

Two models in contention

Customers can choose between two keyboard models. The first would be a Azerty keyboard “improved”, with the 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers always in the same place.

Among other changes, the “point” would be accessible without using the shift key, and the symbol “at sign” would be placed under the letter A, according to AFNOR.

The other possibility is a keyboard “bépo” in which the arrangement of the keys is based on a statistical study of the French language. The most common letters are placed in the middle, and the point to limit efforts and therefore muscle fatigue.

The consultation is open until the 9th July, before counting scheduled meeting three days later.

Users can choose one of the two proposals, but they are also free to make new ones.The AZERTY keyboard, derived from the English QWERTY model, had never been reformed in France.

The consultation is available here , but you have to identify, including to view the documents.

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