Bordeaux: Speeding at 200 km/h on the Ring Road to Escape the Police

Local News
Man caught speeding at 200 km/h on the Bordeaux Ring Road

It is Saturday, 24th June when a young man of 23, travelling at 200 km/h on the Bordeaux ring road, was arrested by police.

Around 10.40 pm, the Bordeaux police were conducting a check on the ring road. Apparently the driver had no driving license, so wanting to escape the police, the man was speeding at 200 km/h (over 100 km/h over the speed limit) and being involved in a hit and run.

Our colleagues at  the newspaper Sudouest report that the young man was arrested and the driver was immediately taken into custody.

Pleading guilty, he will be punished in an appearance with prior recognition of guilt.

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