Attack in London: Islamic State Claimed Saturday’s Attack

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Islamic State has claimed the attack in London

The organization Islamic State (IS) claimed the attack in London on Saturday night in a statement issued Sunday night by their newspaper AMAQ.

“An Islamic state fighters detachment executed yesterday’s attack in London” , it said in a statement posted by AMAQ, the terrorist organization’s propaganda agency.

The attack by a car ramming people and the occupants stabbing passersby, killed seven people and wounded 48. The three attackers were killed by British police.

This is the third attack of a terrorist nature in Britain in less than three months after that committed by one man in Westminster on 22nd March (5 deaths) and the suicide bombing in Manchester on the 22nd May at the end a concert by American singer Ariana Grande (22 dead, 116 injured).

The first two were also claimed by Islamic state.

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