Weather: Storms arrive from the West Sunday, Sunny and Warm Elsewhere

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Warm temperatures over France.

The episode of hot weather continues this weekend with temperatures often reaching 30 to 35 degrees. “Sunday, the Ile-de-France, Champagne and Burgundy are particularly impacted,” warns Météo France. The weather will be generally sunny and warm this Sunday, except in the West, who will be affected by storms.

The intensity and duration of this episode does not allow the call from scorching. Nevertheless, it is remarkable for the season. New records can be occasionally even beaten.

Faced with this episode of heat, health officials recommend that people returning from the long weekend of Ascension to be especially vigilant in transport, including providing to pack for any travel by car or train amounts ‘sufficient water’.  “On Monday, a significant decrease in maximum temperatures is expected except on the eastern side of the country”, says Meteo France.

In Brittany and Normandy, the time will be quite changeable all day with threatening clouds often and sometimes thunderstorms. Aquitaine the Loire Valley and borders of the north, there will be a few clouds, a few drops near the Channel in the morning, but the time will be very bright or sunny.

Elsewhere, except some sea inlets in the morning on the Languedoc-Roussillon, and a risk of showers over the relief of the Alps and Jura in the afternoon, the day promises summer, sunny and a hot wind.  The south wind will strengthen and will approach 80 to 90 km/h gusts on the heights of the Tarn and from 60 to 70 km/h around Toulouse.

The lowest temperatures will range from 12 to 18 degrees, 20 degrees in Aquitaine. In the afternoon, there will be 22 degrees to 25 degrees near the coast of Brittany, the Channel and around the Gulf du Lion. Maximum temperatures reach 25 to 30 degrees inland at Languedoc-Roussillon or between the Channel and the Loire Valley. Temperatures of 30 to 34 degrees and up to 35 degrees between Paris, Champagne and Bourgogne.

These were the temperature readings for Saturday at 4pm followed by the minimal temperature during the night from Saturday to Sunday

Lille: 29/15; Paris: 30/18; Strasbourg: 31/15; Brest: 21/14; Bordeaux: 28/20; Nantes: 26/17; Toulouse: 29/18; Lyon: 30/15; Clermont-Ferrand: 30/16; Marseille: 28/15; Ajaccio 25/14

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