The United States would be Willing to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate?

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It looks like the United states will withdraw from Paris Accord on Climate

CLIMATE: The US media provide this Wednesday afternoon that the US president has already decided and have already formed a team to study the withdrawal process …

He  announced his decision this week via a Tweet posted just when completed will the G7 summit in Sicily. According to the American online media Axios , Donald Trump would have decided: it would be on track to withdraw the United States of the Paris Agreements on climate.  Axios said keep this information from two sources close to the dossier. The information was confirmed Wednesday afternoon by the US news channel  CBS News .

Reinforced by a letter from Republican senators

A small team including Scott Pruitt, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ), have already been made for flooring on the different options available in the United States. A total withdrawal of the Paris Agreements could take three years, “Axios note. Other options faster, but also more extreme, are also under consideration

A letter from 22 Republican senators, on May 25, which called for an exit of the Paris Agreements have strengthened even Donald Trump in his idea to withdraw as soon as this international agreement.

Trump is not formalized yet

For his part, Donald Trump keeps the suspense, merely recall in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, he will announce his decision in the coming days, adding in capital letters “Make America great again”, it which is not necessarily a good sign.

Already some hope after the G7 summit

Signed on 12 December 2015 for the conclusion of COP 21, these agreements ratify the first global treaty to fight against climate change by committing 195 states to take action to limit rising temperatures “well below the threshold of 2 ° C compared to niveaus preindustrial “.

Saturday, May 27, leaders of the G7 (the seven largest economic powers), meeting in summit in Sicily, had recognized their inability to find common ground with the United States on the fight against global warming.

Only two states in the world have not signed the Paris Agreements: Syria and Nicaragua.

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