Unemployment: Down 0.4 Percentage Points in the First Quarter to 9.3%

In the first quarter 2017, the unemployment rate was 9.3% of the workforce.

In the first quarter 2017, the unemployment rate was 9.3% of the working population in France and 9.6% in France as a whole. A drop of 0.4 points.

INSEE, which measures the indicator according to the standards of the International Labor Office (ILO), recorded 2.7 million unemployed in France, a decrease of 115,000 over the quarter and 0.4 points down the fourth quarter of 2016. This decrease comes after two consecutive years of slight decline (-0.2 points in 2016 especially). 

The decline recorded early this year mainly benefited young people (-1.5% in the quarter, -2.6% year on year) and 25 to 49 years (-0.4% in the quarter , -0.6% year on year), but unemployment remained stable for those aged 50 and over, details INSEE.

As for the unemployment of long duration, it hit 4.1% of the workforce, in very slight decline (-0.1% compared to the previous quarter and 0.2% year on year) in total, 1 2 million people report seeking employment for at least one year.

The “halo of unemployment”,  rose by 20,000 in the first quarter: a total of 1.5 million people want to work but are not counted as unemployed according to the ILO because they are not actively seeking employment, including discouragement, or were not immediately available for work. 

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