UK: Theresa May could lose her Majority in Parliament

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The Conservative Party Theresa May could lose its majority in Parliament while the Labor Party could win thirty seats according to a recent survey

A poll gives the conservative party of Prime Minister, Theresa May, a defeat in parliamentary elections to be held on the 8th June in the UK.

The British Conservative Party of Theresa May is forecast to to lose absolute majority in the House of Commons after the general elections of the 8th June, wrote on Tuesday, the newspaper The Times, based on the results of a survey.

According to the survey of the institute YouGov, which contradicts other polls according to which the Tories will consolidate their majority, the Conservative Party could lose 20 seats in the 330 held in the House and the Labor Party win in nearly 30. It will be 16 seats short of the Conservatives to achieve an absolute majority in Parliament, which is 326 seats.

The survey is based on a new modeling system. The pound fell after the publication of the survey, 1.2791 dollar to 1 GBP, lower than a month already registered last Friday. Against the euro, the British currency was also in decline, to 0.8738 pounds per euro

Change of opinion

Last week, seven surveys showed a reduction in the advance of Theresa May, signaling a change of opinion compared to early resounding victory earlier in the month. The contraction took shape after the publication of the Conservative agenda on the 18th May, in which Theresa May was particularly committed to supporting certain broader categories of retirees from their health care costs.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn has focused its criticism on the budget cuts in the police after the Manchester bombing that killed 22 people. So far no survey, however, suggested that the Conservatives may lose their absolute majority in Parliament.

The Yugov institute recognized the controversial nature of his conclusions, adding that this showed the possibility of large changes in many British voting patterns.

The director of the institute, Stephan Shakespeare, assured the Times that the model had been tested during the campaign Brexit the referendum, and then he had consistently predicted the victory of the “Leave” campaign.

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