Tom Enders, Head of Airbus, is supporting Emmanuel Macron

General News
Tom Enders, Airbus CEO.supports Macron in the next round of the Presidential election

PRESIDENTIAL: The boss of aerospace group sent a letter to the leader of En Marche in which he brings her a full support …

“Nearly nine million French have already testified of your confidence on the 23rd April, and I am confident that this trend will continue on the 7th May. The passion that you managed to create is fully deserved: you incarnate a very concrete way the change. ”

These words are signed by Tom Enders and cater to Emmanuel Macron in his race for the Presidential.

For the legislative as

The CEO of Airbus group sent a letter on the 24th April to the movement leader of En March! in which he officially supports him. This is the newspaper ‘s Opinion which unveiled the letter in which the leader guarantees his “full support for the second round of the election and the parliamentary elections that will follow.”

The boss of European aerospace group sees favorably the priority given by Emmanuel Macron in Europe, “including the Franco-German relationship.” “In the case of Airbus, I see very favorably the proposals you have made, which seem to take full account of our main challenges,” says Enders.


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