Presidential: The World Leaders Welcomed the Victory of Emmanuel Macron

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Theresa nMay and other World leaders conratulate Emmanuel Macron for his victory in the French Presidential Election

REACTIONS:  European leaders have expressed their satisfaction on Sunday evening with the announcement of the election of Emmanuel Macron …

“Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron for his victory today as the next president of France,” tweeted Donald Trump. “I look forward to working with him! “Said the US president.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister “warmly congratulated” Emmanuel Macron, via its Spokesperson’s Office, as of this Sunday night from London.

Jean-Claude Junker and Matteo Renzi as they send their congratulations to Emmanuel Macron

Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Commission, has meanwhile welcomed the fact that the French have chosen “a European future” by choosing Emmanuel Macron, elected tonight with 65.5% of voice according to Ipsos. Jean-Claude Juncker, the election of Emmnuel Macron is a call to find “together, a Europe stronger and more just.”

In a letter to the new French president that he has made public, the head of the EU executive notes the importance of the campaign just held in France.

“The history of the European Union construction is so closely linked to that of France that the public debate that was yours on the place of France in Europe resonated far beyond the country you will the responsibility of chairing, “he wrote.

Jean-Claude Juncker said he was “confident” that the collaboration with the new president will be “fruitful”.

The Poles, who oversees the institution comprising 28 member states, also applauded the “no” of French voters “the tyranny of the” fake news “.”

For its part, the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani also congratulated Emmanuel Macron and immediately pointed out the expectations of the European Union, and an invitation to the new French head of state by giving appointment before him all MEPs.

The victory of Emmanuel Macron “is an inspiration for Europe,” said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“We count on France in the heart of Europe to change the whole Union and closer to the citizens,” he pleaded on Twitter.

But they are not alone. Via Twitter, Matteo Renzi has also congratulated the leader of En Marche!

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