Normandy blocked the Road for Marine Le Pen

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Normandy has blocked the route of Marine le Pen, bu voting for Emmanuel Macron

PRESIDENTIAL: The Front National remains strong in Normandy. But Emmanuel Macron is out on top in the five departments of Normandy.

Fifteen days after the majority voted for Marine Le Pen, the Normans have chosen to place their fate in the hands of Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. The new president, who had 30,000 votes late on the far right in the first round – 129,000, adding the votes of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan – came out on top in the five Norman departments. The relief was speaking last night to the left, as in the Republican right. It is “huge” for Hervé Morin, the centrist chairman of the Region.

Participation down

The turnout was lower than three points from the first round, but the dam held. Not surprisingly, it is in the Manche and Calvados, the two departments where he was out in the lead, followed by François Fillon to over 20%, Emmanuel Macron realizes his best scores (67% in Calvados, 66 % in the Manche).

He also wins in the two departments of the former Upper Normandy, FN acquired in the first round. The FN vote is still very strong in the Eure (45%). Marine Le Pen has yet won 140,000 voters yesterday in Normandy.

Many blank and invalid votes

The number of blank and spoiled ballots has increased fivefold in the area but the dam to the FN held also where Jean-Luc Mélenchon was acclaimed in the first round: Le Havre, where the candidate of France insoumise had obtained 30% votes or in Mondeville, near Caen. “To prevent the brown tide, moderates the Communist mayor of Dieppe, Sébastien Jumel. But this reflex should not be interpreted as a membership vote. “

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