Indianapolis 500: First Laps for Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has completed initial testing for the Indiapolis 500

Fernando Alonso spent the traditional tests successfully (rookie orientation program) before the Indianapolis 500.

Before racing in the Indianapolis 500 on the 28th May 28, Fernando Alonso had to take part in the Rookie Orientation Program, a must for drivers who have never raced on the oval Indianapolis.

Frernando Alonso completed 10 laps at speeds between 205 and 210 mph (329.9 and 337.9 km/h) and 15 loops between 210 and 215 mph (337.9 and 346 km/h) and finally 15 laps over 215 mph (346 km/h).

In the end, the McLaren driver has completed 110 laps.  ” I think it’s a good way to start, and to increase the speed,  explained Alonso. It was difficult at first to reach the minimum speed. The following steps have been good, not because of the speed, but because of the banks. You can refine your path up and down the track. “

Fernando Alonso will fly to the United States on the 15th May on the occasion of the first official practice. Qualifying will take place on the 20th and 21st May.

fernando Alsonso has had his first test at Indiapolis 500

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