Hauts-de-France: Orange Alert for Storms

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Meteo France has put Hauts-de-France on orange alert for storms

WEATHER: Meteo France has issued an Orange alert bulletin for storms in Hauts-de-France for the May 29 …

The stormy period has already begun in Avesnois and in Aisne, and goes on a south-west / north-east.

The agency Meteo France placed the entire region Hauts-de-France in orange alert until midnight on Monday, due to the arrival of “strong storms” accompanied by intense electrical activity.

Wind up to 90 km/h

According to the model “aroma” used by Météo France, the storms move over a median line between Compiegne in Valenciennes, and is expected to strengthen between 9pm -10pm to midnight. The storm front is expected grazing east of Lille.

In the affected areas, the episode will be accompanied by heavy rainfall events and even hail and gusty souflant wind 70 to 90 km/h.

Therefore, the regional prefecture recommends including people out front to avoid sheltering under trees in the rain, and to their security appliances.

The storm surge should finish completely from 3am.

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