Fuel: Unions meet the Ministry of Transport on Wednesday

Unions to meet the minister of Transport over fuel crisis

The Minister of Transport, Elizabeth Borne, organizes this Wednesday a meeting with the unions of the drivers transporting hazardous materials in the heart of a social movement which leads to fuel shortages in Île-de-France.

The government has confirmed that they have had discussions on Wednesday the trade unions to discuss the situation of the strike by tanker drivers and drivers of hazardous materials, and urged motorists to citizenship while emphasizing the lack of “shortage” of fuel.

“In response to the request of several representativess of trade unions in the sector of road transport of goods, the Ministry of Transport organizes today (Wednesday) at 5.30pm a meeting with those organizations on the consideration the specificities of transport”, said the Minister for Transport Elisabeth Borne in a statement sent to AFP.

“The government reiterates that it is not involved in discussions on these claims but urged the social partners to establish a dialogue”, added the minister.

She stressed that the government “is following with great attention the evolution of the social movement and its impact on the supply of service stations” .

Call to citizenship

In this regard, Ms. Borne assured that “thanks to the mobilization of police to prevent any hindrance to free movement, petrol stations continue to be supplied” .

“With no shortage beyond some supply difficulties, motorists are asked to keep their fuel consumption habits the same”, she added.

Earlier on Wednesday, three union sources had told AFP that the five representative trade unions in road transport would be received at the Ministry to discuss the status of truck drivers transporting hazardous materials (fuels, gas …).

Several hundred service stations on Wednesday were experiencing supply problems, especially in Ile-de-France, due to the strike launched there six days a CGT-Transport Federation that calls for fast “negotiations” to improve the working conditions of tanker drivers by amending the collective agreement of the branch.

This request has so far been rejected by employers’ federations and FNTR TLF branch which refer to negotiations in July on trades classifications and pay scales.

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