Emmanuel Macron to meet Donald Trump on 25 May in Brussels on the Sidelines of NATO Summit

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Emmanuel Macron is to meet Donald Trump at the Nato meeting in Brussels

FIRST MEETING: The US president called his future French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron on Monday to congratulate him …

This is what the White House has announced. The two heads of American and French State will meet for the first time on the 25th May in Brussels on the sidelines of a NATO summit. Donald Trump has already called the winner of the French presidential election on Monday to congratulate him, a few hours after having published a tweet.

“President Trump has expressed its wish to work closely with the president-elect Macron to face common challenges and emphasized the long and strong tradition of cooperation between the United States and its oldest ally, France” detailed the White House.

The Trump camp rather pro-Le Pen

The US president had not any bias during the campaign for either candidate, but he hinted that the recent terrorist attack in Paris would benefit the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Many of his supporters for their part actively supported Marine Le Pen, who faced Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

For Barack Obama, the former US president, support was clear: “He defended progressive values, he highlighted the important role that France played in Europe and in the world” before concluded in a french video in the text: “En Marche! Long live France !”

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