Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister for Emmanuel Macron?

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Édouard Philippe, republican Mayor of Le Havre.

Republican Mayor for Le Havre, Édouard Philippe is mentioned as a potential prime minister for Emmanuel Macron. The person is silent, but local officials, begin to believe it.

“I do not express myself, thank you. “ Édouard Philippe, Republican Mayor of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), cut short all media solicitations, came in numbers this Monday 8th May, 2017, around commemorations, when his name circulates as Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron the president-elect on Sunday.

Frustrated or even annoyed by questions from reporters, the close friend of Alain Juppé focused on his speech in memory of the Liberation. A pro-European speech, citing François Mitterrand and General de Gaulle, without ever discussing the presidential election. “On May 8th, is not only the victory of a few, but of all Europe”, stated Édouard Philippe.

Behind the scenes, many relatives of the elected mayor of Havre, but also of the opposition, seem convinced that Édouard Philippe will have its place in the next government. “It’s done 80%”even slips a LR deputy. Others are annoyed by this frenzy, opposite the cold temperament and asked the mayor of Le Havre.

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