Chambellay: A Driver of 24 Years was Killed on the Road

Local News
It is Chambellay that the drama took place that night

A motorist was killed last night in Chambellay (Maine-et-Loire), shortly before 2am. He was 24 and was a passenger in a vehicle whose driver was slightly injured.

A traffic accident killed one person and wounded shortly before 2 am on Monday 1st  May at the place called La Veuveraie in Chambellay, a town north of Anjou located on the axis Angers -Laval.

For reasons still unknown, a motorist lost control of his car on a winding road before hitting an embankment and make at least one barrel roll. In the clash, violent, the passenger, a young man of 24, was killed. Injured driver aged 26, was taken by firefighters to the hospital.

They are friends, who followed the first car aboard their own vehicle, who alerted the emergency. Sent to the scene, the doctor SMUR could only note the death of the driver.

An investigation was opened to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

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