Angouleme: A House destroyed by Fire at Victor Hugo

Local News
In Angouleme, a fire destroys the house

A fire completely destroyed a small house in the Victor Hugo district, rue Bellegarde in Angouleme, around 11 am on Wednesday. It started in the back kitchen, where the tenant, a woman of 64, was in the process of cooking.

A firefighter driving past on the street, saw the flames, just as the neighbor looked through a window across the street. Another fireman’s been there, as they are likely to reside in the neighborhood, nearby and also helped.

One of them climbed the gate and rushed in the long garden. Basically, the converted shed into a back kitchen was on fire and the fire spread to the house.

The firefighter was able to rescue the tenant lying on the ground, in the grass, already affected by the smoke. She got out of the building. The firefighter evacuated the garden with her in his arms through the gate that his colleague had to break open.

The sixty year old was safe setting with a neighbor until help who rushed to the hospital at Girac.

The police opened an investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire. 

The house was renovated a few months ago.

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