Seine-Saint-Denis: At least 15 Injured, Four Seriously, in a Fire at a Carnival in Villepinte

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15 people injured when the wooden carnival man, exploded when lighted

FIRE: The accident took place when lighting the “wooden carnival man,” a thousand children were present at the parade …

The festivities have turned to tragedy in Seine-Saint-Denis. Fifteen people were injured, including four seriously including a child, during the lighting of the “wooden carnival man” on Saturday around 5.30pm in Villepinte .

The first assessment reported is 15 injured, said fire department, citing, “according to preliminary,” ”  accidental from the fire.”

“The mayor has received a shot in the leg”

A police source said his side that the accident took place when turning the “wooden carnival man,” traditionally lighted at the end of a parade organized for the children of the city. “The sparks and pieces of wood were thrown, injuring several people, including the mayor, who received a some wood in the leg,” the source added.

“The device was made of plywood, and when it was lit with gasoline, there was a blast effect,” said the police source.

A thousand children present

A thousand children were present at the parade, according to the police source.
An advanced medical post was set up at a nearby gym, to guide the injured to nearby emergency hospitals, reported the prefecture. At 7pm, some were already out of the hospital, a police source said, citing “slight injuries”.

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